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Apple Cheddar Tart

It occurred to me that I may talk somewhat excessively about my love for each and every season. And I enjoy feathering my nest during the Winter and spending long sunny weekends at the lake all Summer, but I am deep in romance with Fall. It just has everything going for it- the smell of the northern hemisphere’s collective fireplaces, cider mills, Halloween costumes, college football, and perfect sleeping weather. I have glittery pumpkins on my mantel and spent the afternoon on an architecture tour of the gorgeous cemetery in my neighborhood. What’s not to love!?

Best of Fall: My sister and I take our annual cider mill tour of our hometown. We are cider mill connoisseurs.

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An Epic, Delicious, Somewhat Gross-Out Birthday Cake

My entire extended family is very much into gross out humor. Two years ago, I baked a kitty litter cake for my little cousin’s birthday and since then, she and I have been stepping up our game with each subsequent birthday. Last year was a chocolate fudge cake with homemade hot pink raspberry icing- pretty, but not particularly clever. Imagine my pride when this year, a full two months before her 9th birthday, she sidled up to me a brunch and said, “Emily, I know what kind of a birthday cake I want this year- a dog poop cake!” As we hashed out the details, we decided the cake should be a scene of a dog park, complete with grass, play areas, and defecating dogs.

Don’t worry, cakes are not going to become a regular feature on this blog. Although my obsessive compulsive tendencies lend themselves fairly well to the precision of baking, I’m much more into rustic desserts. In fact, I only create a ‘celebration cake’ a few times a year. But thanks to the Baking & Pastry Boot Camp my mom and I took last fall, I have acquired some skills that allow me to turn out a cake that is both delicious and humorous.

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