This week, I found myself in possession of a bounty of produce from a friend’s mother’s garden (thanks, Carol!). For starters: squash blossoms, four kinds of basil, fresh peppers, the most fragrant rosemary I have ever encountered, and best of all, a bevy of tomatoes. As you may have gathered from the simple summer recipes posted lately on this site, I am a firm believer in a hands-off approach to peak-season vegetables. And while a fresh tomato needs nothing more than a dusting of salt, once bacon and hard-boiled eggs are involved, we are talking about some next-level eating.

My family has a historically weird relationship with BLTs. As a child, my sister and her best friend would eat BLCC- bacon, lettuce, and cottage cheese- sandwiches, skipping the tomato. Conversely, I dislike lettuce on sandwiches in general- I’m fine with a handful of arugula, but iceberg, romaine, and the like are far too wet to go on bread. But this sandwich has nothing to do with the mushy tomatoes on toasted Wonderbread of our youth. I present, for your near-instant gratification, the BTE sandwich- my favorite use of a just-off-the-vine tomato in recent memory.

Preparation could not be simpler- I layered slices of hard-boiled egg and tomato, thick-cut bacon, and a miniscule amount of mayonnaise on toasted sourdough bread. But as usual, delicious is in the details. I cooked the bacon in my beloved cast iron skillet, and in a move both lazy and decadent, toasted the bread directly in the pan full of bacon drippings. Of course, for a healthful twist, you could use dry toast to construct your sandwich. Your arteries would thank you, but your spirit would not.

The BTE Sandwich

4 slices thick-cut bacon
4 medium-thick slices of sourdough, or any rustic-style bread
1 ripe tomato, as fresh as possible, sliced thick
2 hard-boiled eggs, chilled, peeled, and sliced

In a large skillet, preferably cast iron, cook the bacon until crisp, turning often. Set aside on a paper towel lined plate to cool. In the skillet with rendered bacon fat, toast four slices of bread, flipping several times. Set aside to cool.

Once bread has cooled slightly, spread one side of each piece with a thin layer of best-quality mayonnaise. Top two pieces of toast with bacon, tomato, hard-boiled egg, and a second slice of toast.

Makes two very filling, very tasty sandwiches.



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7 responses to “The BTE

  1. Missy

    I must try this! I think it’s time to get that cast iron skillet…

  2. Gma

    What mushy tomato and pasty bread sandwiches did you eat as a youth! Not from my kitchen. Mom.

  3. Weezie

    I’m so happy you mentioned the BLCCs. Your version sounds much tastier, though.

  4. Carol

    Gald you enjoyed it!! Nothin like growing it , picking it & eatting it within the same hour……… is good!!

  5. carol

    Well I`m glad you enjoyed your visit to my garden….nothin like growing it , picking it , & eatting it in the same hour. Life is good! Glad you got to enjoy too…..

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