Uncle Wally’s The Dingo Ate Your Baby Back Ribs

My Uncle Wally is the quintessential hunter-gatherer. One memorable Christmas, on his way to the family celebration, he watched as the car ahead of him struck a deer, and immediately pulled over. To help, sure, but also to ask, “uh, are you going to keep that?” The rest of us snacked on appetizers while he and my dad field dressed the deer in our city backyard. He watches with pride as his children devour homemade goose nuggets, and his garage is home to no fewer than four devices for cooking, smoking, or otherwise preparing meat. So when he swears allegiance to his Weber charcoal grill, I take him at his word, particularly when it is accompanied by delicious barbecued ribs.

While every weekend spent at the cottage is pretty fantastic, the best ones end with a Sunday dinner at Uncle Wally and Aunt Setta’s house. As he would tell you, he is “strictly a charcoal man on the weekends”, and recently, my family enjoyed the fruits (or meats, rather) of his devotion to the fiery arts. These barbecue ribs are crisp and crackly on the outside, with tender meat literally falling off the bone. A city ordinance and a wood deck prevent me from recreating these in my own outdoor space, but if you have a backyard, find two hours and fire up the grill as soon as possible.

Don't let the dingo eat these...

The Dingo Ate Your Baby Back Ribs
Recipe courtesy of Uncle Wally

1 full rack of pork ribs, room temperature
Barbecue sauce of choice

Prepare charcoal in kettle grill for indirect heating- charcoal chimney recommended for heating coals. Enjoy a beverage of choice.

Pour half of heated coals onto each side of kettle grill, leaving center open for meat. Top heated coals with half as many unheated coals on top of heated coals, to maintain temperature. A piece of aluminum foil on the bottom grate, between the coals, below the meat, will catch drips and help reflect heat. Enjoy a beverage of choice.

Season rack of ribs with salt and pepper to taste. Place ribs fat side up in center of grill. Cover grill. Enjoy a beverage of choice.

No flipping needed. Let cook until 95% done, 1 1/2 – 2 hours. Ribs will bend easily and break away when about done. Enjoy a beverage of choice.

Brush barbecue sauce on top. No need to flip. Enjoy a beverage of choice.

Let cook 15 minutes more. Enjoy a beverage of choice.

Let rest 10 minutes and serve!



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4 responses to “Uncle Wally’s The Dingo Ate Your Baby Back Ribs

  1. Cindy

    When did he get those front teeth replaced?

  2. G-Father

    Not sure if it was subliminal messaging but after reading the article I feel the strong need to have a beverage of my choice.

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