Argentina: the dirty details

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the Whole Foods presentation last week! As promised, here are the details on some of my favorite restaurants, bars, and tasting rooms in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

El Drugstore, Colonia- mediocre food, idyllic setting

Cafe, San Telmo

Signing our insignia for Don Julio's wine archives

Buenos Aires

Café Tortoni
Avenida de Mayo 829, between Piedras & Tacuarí
Neighborhood: Microcentro

Casa Saltshaker
Private Supper Club- address confirmed with reservation

Don Julio
Guatemala 4691
Neighborhood: Palermo Viejo

Mark’s Deli & Coffee House
El Salvador 4701
Neighborhood: Palermo Viejo

Paraná 1048, between Marcelo T de Alvear & Santa Fe
Neighborhood: Recoleta

Sucre 676, between Figueroa Alcorta and Castañeda
Neighborhood: Belgrano

When you're hot and travel weary, Torrontes is the solution...

... specifically, in the courtyard of Anna Bistro


1884 Francis Mallman
Belgrano 1188
Godoy Cruz
Reservations are a must!

Anna Bistro
Av. Juan B. Justo
Ciudad Mendoza

Sarmiento 765
Ciudad Mendoza

The Vines of Mendoza Tasting Room
Espejo 567
Ciudad Mendoza


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