So. Much. Food.

At the moment, I have a recipe recommendation, and I have some charming photos, but unfortunately, the two do not correspond.  However, both are worth sharing, so there you go….

Comida Argentina

But first, some exciting news! As you may have gathered from the somewhat obscene steak photography, I recently returned from a South American vacation. This Wednesday, I am going to be the guest speaker at the South Loop Whole Foods’ Taste and Travel Series on Argentina. After they yank the microphone out of my hands while I scream, “but I have more pictures!”,  there will be a cooking demo featuring Argentine cuisine. Details are available here, and tickets here.

No less exciting, I recently hosted my first official, not the weekend before, holiday dinner. Easter was at my house this year, and we got very traditional, with quiche, fruit salad, and even an Easter Bunny cake. Jess made a refreshing Spring Pea & Mint Soup. Wine & Fernet flowed freely.  It was a lovely afternoon. And, the ham was phenomenal: salty, sweet, and crisp on the outside.  I’ve long been a fan of M. Stew- count me among the small club of sixteen year olds who ask for subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living for Christmas- and this deceptively simple recipe is proof positive of my teenage wisdom. For your next ham-baking occasion, make this Bourbon Glazed Ham. It needs no adapting, but I do recommend that you:

a) Purchase the best quality ham you can find. Was it painful to pay five times the grocery store Easter sale price? A little, because even though I don’t believe in cheap meat, I’m human and I have an expensive shoe habit. But this is one recipe in which, ethics aside, the taste of a well-raised animal is noticeably superior.

b) Take Martha’s advice to excise as much of the fat from the ham as possible. You won’t want to lose a bite of the bourbon glaze.

Finally, some photos…. My parents are enjoying the salad days of their post-kids, pre-grandchildren (although not for long!) lifestyle, and my dad recently prepared a five course menu for my mom and her friends, which he dubbed “The French-Canadian Laundromat”. Funny, and tasty!

Prepping the amuse-bouche

And the finished product….


Moving south to Italy….


All this and steaks and chocolate souffle too. Nice work, Dad! I’m told the ladies loved it.


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