Tailgate Mania

While I understand the basic structure of the game, my attention span for football is somewhat limited.  I grew up attending Michigan State games with my dad, but as a child, I was more interested in eating my Melting Moments ice cream sandwich than anything happening on the field.   So I know that when team orange/blue plays team green/yellow, it is a REALLY BIG GAME, but I was not so enthused.

Fortunately, my friends Missy and Sean know better.  I had completely forgotten about the best part of any football game- the tailgate party.

Go Bears!

These two turned their building’s top floor party room into a tailgate worthy of the Soldier Field parking lot.  Fact: we had to use a power strip to plug in all the slow cookers.

The spread. (Get it? I made a sports gambling pun.)

That’s my vintage Crock-Pot on the left- courtesy of my mother, who received it as a wedding gift in 1978.  I made a good, not great, Hearty Boys spicy meatball recipe.

But that is not the recipe I want to discuss.  When I hosted my pre-Thanksgiving “Haute Thanksgiving” dinner, I wanted it to be as authentic as possible, setting out snacks for the menfolk to enjoy as they watched football in the living room, including Dixie Caviar’s pimento cheese.  It is addictive and delicious.  By popular request, I brought it back for the BIG GAME.  The secret to this recipe- you must make and use homemade mayonnaise.  It is easy enough with the proper equipment- a nonskid bowl so you can drizzle oil and whisk simultaneously, and arm muscles that aren’t easily fatigued.  To give myself a break after all that hard work, I use the paddle attachment on my stand mixer to combine the ingredients for the pimento cheese. Serve with Triscuits, and watch it disappear.

After the Bears’ loss, everyone went home to lay on their couch and skip dinner.  And as we all know, that is the mark of success for any party centered around food.


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